Enhance team communication and collaboration.

Easily collaborate and organize your team's work with Slack; share information and organize your projects.

General information

Slack will make your team work more pleasant. You can create conversations in different channels with different members, so you don't mix your projects or distract people with non-relevant information.

You can even create projects with other companies, helping facilitate collaboration with partners.

Secret's take

Working on different projects, with different people, with bad organization, can result in losing time finding and sharing the right information. That is why Slack might just be the tool you need; work efficiently, and remotely on your different projects, sharing the files you need, and communicating with the people concerned. Moving your projects forward efficiently will never have been so easy.

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Eligibility requirements

  • Offer only available for companies under 200 employees
This deal is also available for existing customers. You can add the credits to your account if you're already using this service.

Slack features

Exchange and collaborate from anywhere, with anyone, in a single platform.

  • Manage multiple projects

    Create channels for different projects, so you can find the right information quickly.

  • Collaborate with other companies

    Add clients or partners in channels to help improve communication and progress projects more efficiently.

  • Organize video conferences

    Create conferences to better exchange with your team. You can even share your screen as with other video conferencing software.

  • Automate tasks

    Build workflows to automatically welcome new members, create reminders, share updates and more.

  • Share files and documents

    Send elements to your teams rapidly and efficiently.

  • Upgrade your workspace with integrations

    Slack offers many integrations so you can get even more security, flexibility and productivity.

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25% off when you purchase or upgrade a plan