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Upkeep: Streamlining Maintenance, Simplifying Success.

4.5 (2 reviews)

Upkeep is a mobile-first maintenance management software designed to streamline work orders and facility management. It offers features like asset tracking, inventory control, and preventive maintenance scheduling. Upkeep provides real-time updates, allowing teams to communicate efficiently and manage tasks effectively. It's suitable for businesses of all sizes across various industries, including manufacturing, facility management, and logistics.

General information about Upkeep

Upkeep is a mobile-first asset management and maintenance software solution designed to streamline processes in industrial and facility management. It offers real-time updates, predictive notifications, and asset tracking to help businesses reduce downtime and maximize productivity.

With Upkeep, managers can assign tasks, track progress, and get detailed reports all from one place. Its user-friendly interface allows technicians to capture images, scan barcodes, enter details, and create reports on the go. It also features inventory management, work order management, and preventive maintenance scheduling.

Upkeep is cloud-based, allowing for seamless data synchronization across devices. It's suitable for businesses of all sizes across various industries including manufacturing, construction, hospitality, and more. Upkeep's goal is to simplify the workflow process while improving communication within teams.

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What is Upkeep used for?

Upkeep is an asset and maintenance management software that helps small businesses optimize their operations. It allows for efficient task, inventory, and work order management, while offering preventive maintenance scheduling. For example, a hotel can use Upkeep to track the condition of its equipment, schedule regular maintenance, and assign tasks to technicians. Real-time updates and predictive notifications help prevent unexpected breakdowns, thus reducing downtime. Moreover, its cloud compatibility facilitates data synchronization across different devices, thereby improving team communication and productivity.

Upkeep features

  • Cloud-based Platform

    UpKeep is a cloud-based maintenance management software, which allows users to access the system from any location with internet access
  • Mobile-first Design

    The software is designed with a mobile-first approach, allowing technicians to capture data and real-time updates from the field.
  • Asset Management

    UpKeep provides comprehensive asset management features, allowing users to track equipment details, maintenance history, and warranty information.
  • Work Order Management

    The software allows users to create, assign, and manage work orders for maintenance tasks.
  • Inventory Management

    UpKeep provides inventory management capabilities, allowing users to track the usage of parts and supplies, set replenishment points, and manage suppliers.

2 Upkeep reviews

4.5 (2 reviews)
  • Heather E

    Benefiting from Asset Tracking Feature

    I've found the asset tracking feature particularly useful, it has allowed us to keep an accurate record of all our equipment

    April 13, 2024

  • Kyle Brown

    Delighting Customers with the SPOC App

    My experience with UpKeep has been extremely rewarding so far. I find it easy to provide and update data for clients, as well as handle their requests and inquiries. The software is user-friendly, making download and upload tasks simple. It's accessible to anyone, anywhere, enabling them to request our services. Tracking team work and submitting it to clients when needed is also straightforward. Everyone desires top-notch service at the lowest price, and UpKeep delivers on this. I chose UpKeep because it fulfills both soft and hard services requirements. It's easy to use and understand, and it's beneficial for the entire team.

    April 15, 2024

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Upkeep: Pros & Cons


  • Efficiency Improvement: UpKeep allows businesses to streamline their maintenance processes, reducing downtime and increasing productivity
  • Cost Savings: With its preventive maintenance features, the software helps companies save on repair costs by identifying potential issues before they become major problems
  • User-friendly Interface: UpKeep's intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes it accessible for all users, regardless of their technical skills.


  • High Pricing: UpKeep's pricing structure may be too expensive for smaller businesses or startups
  • Limited Customization: The software offers limited customization options which can be a drawback for companies with specific needs
  • Learning Curve: New users may find UpKeep somewhat difficult to navigate initially, leading to a steep learning curve.

Why is Upkeep better than other Field Service Management software?

Upkeep is a better solution based on percentage of positive reviews than Motive (ex. KeepTruckin): 97 vs 90

Upkeep is a better solution for customer support than Motive (ex. KeepTruckin): 5.0 vs 4.5

Upkeep is a better solution for customer support than Prontoforms: 5.0 vs 4.5

Upkeep is more versatile than Prontoforms: 192 vs 147

Upkeep has more positive reviews than Simpro: 97 vs 81

Upkeep is better at support than Simpro: 5.0 vs 4.0

Upkeep is more versatile than Dotimely: 192 vs 80

Upkeep is better at support than Contractbook: 5.0 vs 4.8

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