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APS Payroll

Streamline your payroll

APS Payroll brings value by providing a comprehensive payroll and HR solution that simplifies the process for businesses, saves time and money, ensures compliance, and improves employee satisfaction.

General information about APS Payroll

APS Payroll is an avant-garde, cloud-based payroll and Human Resource (HR) solution specifically constructed to streamline complex payroll procedures, thereby dramatically reducing the administrative burden incurred by businesses of all scales and industries. Grounded in the principal ethos of efficiency, APS Payroll empowers users with the capability to manage employee data with unprecedented ease, diligently track time and attendance, and execute accurate payroll processing swiftly and effectively.

The software boasts an intuitive user interface, meticulously designed to mitigate any potential learning curve. It also offers customizable dashboards, intentionally crafted to provide users with a lucid, comprehensive overview of their payroll data and corresponding metrics. This clarity helps facilitate sound, informed decision making - a crucial factor in determining the sustained growth of any business.

APS Payroll overflows with advanced reporting capabilities and robust compliance features designed to help businesses remain within the parameters of federal and state laws. This adherence significantly reduces the risk of financial penalties and fines—a vital consideration in today's volatile business landscape.

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Secret's take about APS Payroll

As a forgetful person, managing payroll used to be a nightmare for me. But thanks to APS Payroll, I can finally say goodbye to my payroll-related woes 🙌

What is APS Payroll?

This cloud-based software does more than just printing checks and keeping track of employee hours. With APS Payroll, you can automate employee tax filing, manage benefits, and streamline your human resources tasks. It's like having a personal assistant that's dedicated solely to your payroll needs 💼

Our opinion about APS Payroll:

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, APS Payroll has all the features you need to take control of your payroll. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use, and the expert customer support is always available to answer any questions you may have 👨‍💼

APS Payroll Pricing:

APS Payroll's pricing is flexible and affordable. You can choose between a monthly subscription or an annual subscription, and the cost is based on the number of employees you have 💰

Best APS Payroll alternatives:

While APS Payroll is great, we also know that different folks have different strokes. If you're looking for alternatives to APS Payroll, popular options include Gusto, Zenefits, and ADP. And who knows, with Secret's amazing marketplace, you might just find an even better fit for your needs 😎

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Mary O'Brien

Customer Success Manager

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What is APS Payroll used for?

At APS, we are on a mission to ease the burden of HR and payroll tasks. Our integrated solution is specially designed to simplify workforce management for companies of medium size. We offer customized service and assistance to our valued clients and partners to help them achieve their objectives. With our single-platform system, optimize payroll processes, streamline HR workflows, and improve the employee lifecycle. For all your workforce needs, be sure to contact APS- your dedicated business partner.

APS Payroll features

  • Automated timekeeping

    APS Payroll features automated timekeeping that integrates with various time clocks and GPS-enabled devices, accurately and efficiently tracking employee hours. This feature saves time and reduces errors associated with manual timekeeping.

  • W-2 preparation

    Automatically generate and file W-2 forms for employees at year-end.

  • Simplify payroll processing

    APS Payroll streamlines the entire payroll process, making it easy for entrepreneurs to manage employee wages, taxes, and benefits. The software does all the calculations and ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations, which saves time and reduces errors.

  • Employee self-service

    With APS Payroll, employees can access their pay stubs, tax documents, and other important information through a secure online portal. This feature reduces the burden on HR and empowers employees to take control of their own data.

  • Customizable reports

    The software generates customizable reports that provide valuable insights into your business performance, such as labor costs, overtime expenses, and tax liability. These reports help entrepreneurs make data-driven decisions and improve their bottom line.

  • Seamless integrations

    APS Payroll integrates with various accounting, HR, and timekeeping software, providing entrepreneurs with a seamless payroll experience. This feature ensures all your business tools work together, reducing manual data entry and improving efficiency.

  • Payroll reporting

    Access detailed payroll reports to track expenses and comply with tax laws.

  • Multi-state

    Seamlessly manage payroll across different states and comply with their regulations.

  • Employee self service

    Empower employees to view/download pay stubs, update personal information, and request time off all in one place.

APS Payroll: Pros & Cons


  • Robust reporting and analytics: Gain insights into your payroll data, helping you identify trends, managing costs, and making data-driven decisions
  • Comprehensive payroll management: APS Payroll offers a wide range of features and tools to efficiently manage payroll processes. It can handle various payroll tasks, including employee onboarding, time and attendance tracking, tax calculations, etc.
  • User-friendly interface: APS Payroll is known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for you to navigate and perform payroll-related tasks without extensive training or technical expertise


  • Integration limitations: APS Payroll’s integration options may be limited. This could pose challenges for businesses that rely on specific applications
  • Pricing structure: APS Payroll’s pricing may be complex and not suitable for everyone’s budget
  • Customer support: Some users have reported delays or difficulties in getting timely assistance to resolve their issues
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