2 Best Alternatives to Shopify in March 2023

Alternatives & Competitors to Shopify

  1. 1. WiziShop
  2. 2. Wix

Here are competitors or alternatives to Shopify and other similar Website builder software. You need to consider some important factors when choosing the right tool for your business that's similar to Shopify, like the main features of each solution, ease of use of user interface, pricing or value for money for instance. Each software has its pros and cons so it's up to you to choose the best alternative to Shopify that meets the needs of your business. To help you compare each service and choose the right solution, we have put together a list of the best competitors of Shopify like: WiziShop and Wix.

List of Alternatives to Shopify

From Website builder tools, we have selected the best alternatives to Shopify based on reviews for each solution and similarities with Shopify. Of course, each solution has its benefits and drawbacks, and its own features but, whether you are a small business, a startup or a large enterprise, you will find the right choice that empowers your projects.

logo wizishop


Create your e-commerce website without code

Best features

  • - SEO

  • - Sales funnels

  • - Scalable e-commerce website

  • - Design

  • - Conversion

WiziShop compared to Shopify

WiziShop has better positive reviews compared to Shopify: 100 vs 94

WiziShop is better at customer service than Shopify: 5.0 vs 4.6

Shopify is easy to use compared to WiziShop: 4.6 vs 4.1

Shopify pricing plans are more competitive than WiziShop: 4.4 vs 4.1

Shopify has more features than WiziShop: 47 vs 24

Why is WiziShop a good alternative to Shopify?

WiziShop is an excellent and cost-effective alternative to Shopify for businesses seeking an easy-to-use eCommerce platform. WiziShop is perfect for businesses of any size, with plans starting from as low as €35. Moreover, the user-friendly interface and features such as a fully integrated payment system, unlimited products and categories, SEO optimization, and analytics provide businesses with a powerful platform for launching and managing their own eCommerce sites. With WiziShop, businesses can quickly and easily start selling their products and services online and benefit from the same advanced features that Shopify provides.

What are the differences between WiziShop and Shopify?

WiziShop is a French ecommerce platform that offers French hosting, payment processing, and customer support in local languages. It is designed for merchants in the European market, focusing on providing integration with French marketing and web design tools. Shopify is a larger ecommerce platform and global provider, providing basic hosting and web design tools along with payment processing and customer support in multiple languages. Shopify is a great fit for merchants with an international customer base, since it provides a wide range of features and applications at an affordable price point.

WiziShop pricing


$38 / month


$101 / month


$362 / month
3 months free on Pro plan (up to $291)
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logo wix


Website creation solution

Best features

  • - Design a visually impactful website

  • - Integrate must-have features

  • - Add professional applications

  • - Make informed decisions

  • - Benefit from a complete support center

Wix: Pros & Cons

Many templates: The website design platform offers 800 templates
Ideal for multilingual websites: Wix supports over 180 different languages
Platform security: The platform’s security configuration is very robust and there are automatic backups
Fixed website design: Once the website is created, it is no longer possible to change the template
Mobile experience: The loading speed on mobile is not optimal
Pricing plans: The pricing of the different plans is high compared to the competition
10% off monthly or annual plans (up to $63)
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