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See what trends your competitors are following and get ahead to grow your audience

Easily analyze social media networks and video platforms to stay on top of the latest trends. Create content your audience wants to see.

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Secret's take about ViralStat

FOMO? ViralStat makes sure you never miss another thing across your social media platforms. But the best thing about ViralStat is that you don’t need to be a big user of social networks. The platform will compare and analyze for you, all you have to do is check the results and decide what the best strategy is.

ViralStat gives you the power to be inside the minds of your audience so it’s worth seizing the opportunity to see what you can create when you are up-to-date.

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Mary O'Brien

Customer Success Manager

General information about ViralStat

ViralStat boosts your social media strategy by making sure you stay ahead of the latest trends in your industry. Improve your online presence by being one of the first to create attractive, relevant content for your target audience. You can not only satisfy your audience with engaging posts but also beat your competitors to the chase and post before them.

Find the perfect creators and influencers for your brand. Trusted by your customers, your influencers can give more exposure to your brand and improve your reputation. ViralStat will show you the most popular influencers in your industry. All that’s left for you to do is make an offer.

ViralStat’s dashboards give you a clear overview of your posts and influencer profiles. You can measure the impact of your posts across your social media platforms and make decisions based on your analysis. All of your data will automatically upload to be easily tracked and reported.

Manage and monitor your Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok accounts from one dashboard, simplifying and improving your social media strategy.

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ViralStat pricing



/ month

1,000 profile/video tracking slots

5 hashtag tracking slots

5 email alerts

5 monthly export reports



/ month

10,000 profile/video tracking slots

25 hashtag tracking slots

100 email alerts

100 monthly export reports



/ month

50,000 profile/video tracking slots

100 hashtag tracking slots

250 email alerts

250 monthly export reports



/ month

200,000 profile/video tracking slots

500 hashtag tracking slots

1,000 email alerts

1,000 monthly export reports

ViralStat features

ViralStat helps you keep on top of new and popular trends across social media platforms, giving you the chance to improve your strategy and get ahead of the competition.

  • Social media analytics

    Get a deeper insight into your target audience’s desires. Find out what they are watching, who they are following, and what types of content they engage with. Have an idea? See how similar ideas have already worked for different creators and see if it’s worth taking the leap.

  • Competitive analysis

    Compare your social media strategy with that of your competitors. See what trends they are jumping on and discover what is attracting your target audience’s attention. ViralStat’s channels will keep you up-to-date on different trends directly from your dashboard and sort these trends with filters to find the most relevant. 

  • Content discovery

    New trends means new content ideas. Use ViralStat to discover the newest trends and turn them into content that attracts your audience. Never miss out on what’s happening in the world again.

  • Leaderboards

    Discover the rankings of the leading content and influencers in the market. ViralStat’s leaderboards are updated everyday so you can be sure to be aware of any of the latest trends or creators that are gaining traction. Use the leaderboards to your advantage to stay in-sync with your target audience.

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