Bubble is a no-code programming platform that enables the creation and hosting of web applications without the need for engineering expertise. It provides a visual interface for designing your application, eliminating the need to write code. Bubble offers a range of features including interactive components, data storage, and more. It empowers non-technical individuals to create complex web applications, making app development accessible to a wider audience.

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Pros from reviewers

  • Responsive design: Bubble's new responsive engine makes it easy to create apps that work seamlessly on all devices. This feature allows for the quick creation of beautiful, user-friendly apps

  • Comprehensive tool: Bubble is an all-in-one visual programming tool that allows users to manage design, logic, and database management in one place. This makes it a comprehensive tool for non-developers to create their own apps

  • Superior logic and integration: Bubble offers superior logic, database, and third-party integrations compared to other platforms. This makes it a more powerful tool for building complex apps.

  • Flexibility to build anything: Bubble's no-code platform allows users to build any type of app they want, without the limitations often found in other no-code platforms. This flexibility is highly appreciated by clients who have specific needs for their apps

  • Constant evolution: Despite some limitations for larger apps, Bubble is constantly evolving and its performance is consistently improving. This means that users can expect regular updates and improvements to the platform

Cons from reviewers

  • Steep learning curve: Despite Bubble's potential, it requires a significant amount of time and effort to learn how to use it effectively. This can be a barrier for users who are looking for a quick and easy solution to build their apps

  • Poor customer service: Despite the high cost of the service, customer service is reportedly slow and unhelpful. Users have reported delays in response times and dissatisfaction with the quality of the responses

  • Expensive: With a monthly fee of over 500USD for production mode, Bubble can be quite costly, especially considering the reported issues with speed and customer service

  • Slow speed and bugs: Users have reported that Bubble can be slow, especially when running production apps. Additionally, there have been instances of bugs causing features to stop functioning or the layout to malfunction

  • Deceptive subscription policies: Users have reported difficulties in cancelling their subscriptions, with some claiming that the policies seem designed to trick people into paying for unwanted subscriptions.

$200 in credits for 3 months on Bubble

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Main features

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What is Bubble?

Bubble is a no-code software tool designed to streamline startup processes. It allows users to build anything they need without requiring technical knowledge. Bubble can be used to create marketplaces, CRM, or SaaS applications, and it offers features such as prototype creation, internal customer tools, collaborative workspaces, and business expansion without infrastructure concerns. The platform is intuitive and doesn't require HTML or CSS knowledge for design customization. Bubble also handles hosting, configuration, and deployment on a server with no user, traffic volume, or data storage limits. Renowned companies like L’Oréal, Gartner, HubSpot, Zendesk, and Lyft use Bubble. The Secret platform offers a special offer to reduce costs associated with using Bubble.

$200 in credits for 3 months on Bubble

Get $200 in credits for 3 months on Bubble and up to $200 savings with Secret.

Webflow is a user website development platform that prioritizes design. It allows individuals to create adaptable websites without the need for coding expertise. With its array of tools users gain the ability to effortlessly design, construct and launch their websites. Its user-friendly interface allows for design of customizable layouts and seamless integration of animations and interactions. Additionally the platform excels, in its content management system (CMS) capabilities making it an ideal choice for websites, with content. One of the benefits of Webflow is its ability to generate code that is SEO optimized, ensuring optimal website performance.

Bubble is a visual programming platform that empowers individuals to construct web applications even without any coding expertise. It boasts a drag and drop interface enabling users to create intricate web applications by visually designing their logic and workflows. What's more, Bubbles robust backend capabilities seamlessly integrate...

logo bubble


You don't need to be a coder to build software.

$200 in credits for 3 months on Bubble

Save up to $200

logo webflow


Create powerful websites, without having to code.

1 year free on a CMS site plan on Webflow

Save up to $348

Adalo is a platform that empowers individuals to effortlessly build and design mobile and web applications without any coding skills. With its user drag-and-drop interface and templates, Adalo makes it accessible for anyone, even those without technical expertise, to create their own apps. Moreover, Adalo offers a range of features such as data integration, user management, and analytics.

The Bubble platform is a code-free solution that gives users the ability to construct web applications and websites with minimal effort. By utilizing its user drag-and-drop editor, people can create appealing applications while utilizing reusable components and data models. Additionally, Bubble provides access to APIs that drive web applications, enabling anyone to develop robust applications with just a few clicks. Bubbles' vast library of templates also allows for the creation of projects from scratch with ease!

When it comes to simplicity and ease of use, Adalo excels with its graphical user...

logo bubble


You don't need to be a coder to build software.

$200 in credits for 3 months on Bubble

Save up to $200

logo adalo


Create your own app without having to code

Retool and Bubble are both no-code/low-code platforms that allow you to build internal and web apps to streamline your business. However, there are some key differences between them. Firstly, the platforms have different target audiences. Retool is a low-code platform primarily designed for users with developer expertise. It mainly caters to enterprises wanting to build internal tools like web and mobile apps and workflows. The platform emphasizes flexibility and customization. For example, users can write their own JavaScript code to customize an app or workflow. 

Compared to Retool, Bubble is a no-code tool. It requires no technical expertise and is often used to build consumer-facing web apps like SaaS and e-commerce stores. Although its advanced features can involve an initial learning curve, Bubble provides extensive training resources and a supportive user community. While it may not offer the same level of technical customization as Retool, it is a more user-friendly...

logo bubble


You don't need to be a coder to build software.

$200 in credits for 3 months on Bubble

Save up to $200

logo retool


Design and create internal tools for your company

$1,000 in credits for 12 months on Retool

Save up to $1,000

Who is Bubble best for according to our reviewers?

  • Freelance Developers: Professionals who use Bubble to create apps for various clients. They appreciate the flexibility and limitless possibilities of the platform, which allows them to meet diverse client needs

  • Non-Developers: Individuals who want to create their own apps without any coding knowledge. They find Bubble's all-in-one visual programming tool useful for managing design, logic, and database management

  • Dissatisfied Customers: Users who have had negative experiences with Bubble, citing issues with speed, bugs, customer service, and subscription policies. They find the platform slow, expensive, and the customer service unhelpful.

  • Startups and Entrepreneurs: Individuals or small teams who are not technically inclined but want to establish a software company. Bubble's no-code platform allows them to create their own apps without hiring a developer

  • MVP Creators: Users who want to quickly develop a minimum viable product or an internal tool for their company. They find Bubble useful for quick development, although they may encounter limitations with certain features

  • $200 in credits for 3 months on Bubble

    Get $200 in credits for 3 months on Bubble and up to $200 savings with Secret.

    Bubble Reviews


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    Value for money


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    11 Bubble Reviews

    3.6 (11 reviews)
    • Jarrett D

      Seamless Integration: Bubble's Impressive Compatibility with Google Analytics and Mailchimp

      The integration capabilities of Bubble are impressive. I was able to easily integrate it with other tools like Google Analytics and Mailchimp

      June 18, 2024

    • Maria

      Bubble: Great, but Not for Media-Heavy Apps

      Bubble is a no-code app builder that allows me to quickly develop an MVP or an internal tool for my company. However, I found that some crucial features, such as media management, are not well integrated. For instance, there is no component that allows users to upload multiple images, resize, and compress them in the browser. Furthermore, if my app is media-heavy, the most expensive Bubble plan only offers 5GB, which is insufficient for any serious app.

      June 10, 2024

    • Randy D

      Thrilling Experience with Bubble Software Investment

      I am absolutely thrilled with the software bubble! I invested a modest £4 and the secure login process ensures top-notch safety. I had a minor hiccup with my login, but I'm confident that their customer service will sort it out soon. I've reached out to them via email thrice, eagerly awaiting their response. It's a truly exciting venture!

      June 2, 2024

    • Samantha A

      Building an E-commerce Site with Bubble: A Game-Changing Experience

      I was able to build a fully functional e-commerce site with Bubble in just a few days. The drag-and-drop feature is a game-changer

      May 27, 2024

    • Viola

      Life Transformed by Bubble

      Bubble has completely changed my career and life. I'm deeply thankful to the Bubble team for creating the top no-code tool available. It allowed me to establish a successful software company, even though I'm not a technical founder. Despite some shortcomings, its advantages greatly surpass them. Platforms like Xano.com and TheBDK.com outperform Bubble in areas where it sometimes lacks. I opted for Bubble due to its superior logic, database, and third-party integrations.

      May 19, 2024

    • Tindra

      Exploring the Unique Value and Policies of Bubble Software

      I must say, the team behind the software Bubble has brilliantly utilized the 'savvy' non-refund policies, providing us with a unique experience for a mere $68. US dollars. This might seem like a significant amount to some, but considering the value it offers, it's quite a steal! As highlighted in other posts, they have a unique approach to customer service, opting for a more self-reliant model rather than a traditional support desk. They also have a distinct cancellation policy, and they stand firm on their no-refund policy. My advice? Dive right in and embrace the adventure!

      May 11, 2024

    • Deborah

      An Unexpected Adventure at Bubble: A Unique Experience

      I had the pleasure of visiting Bubble today with my 11-year-old son, all the way from Surrey. We had a bit of an adventure finding parking, but luckily, we found a spot at Cost Co. We spent a delightful half an hour exploring the place, which was refreshingly different from what we had expected. It was like stepping into a treasure trove of random items, each one sparking curiosity and wonder. We had a blast walking around, interacting with a long punch bag, and even jumping in a ball pit. It was a unique experience, being in a place where you're encouraged to engage with your surroundings, even if it means touching things as you walk past them. It was a fun challenge, trying to navigate the space without touching anything. As someone who loves trying out new places, I would definitely recommend giving Bubble a shot. It's a unique experience that might just surprise you. Just remember to bring your sense of adventure and maybe a snack or two, as there aren't any food or drink options available. But hey, it's a great opportunity to enjoy a coffee or a meal elsewhere after your visit.

      May 6, 2024

    • Vincent W

      User Empowerment: My Experience with Bubble's Subscription Cancellation Process

      I reached out to Bubble's support team to inquire about cancelling my subscription, as I was having a bit of trouble navigating the process myself. They were quick to respond, and while they initially suggested I could handle it within the app, they were more than willing to guide me through the process. Their subscription policies are impressively self-managed, giving users the freedom to control their own subscriptions. It's a refreshing approach that empowers users to manage their own accounts.

      April 29, 2024

    • Madison A

      Bubble: Enhancing Remote Collaboration for Project Managers

      As a project manager, I've found Bubble's collaborative features particularly useful. It allows my team to work together efficiently, even from remote locations

      April 22, 2024

    • Elora D

      Exploring the Intriguing Simplicity and Confidence of Bubble

      Bubble is absolutely intriguing! Their website is so streamlined and minimalistic, it's refreshing. They've really focused on simplicity, there's no clutter of a phone number or chat bot, which really emphasizes their modern approach. The trial subscription is a unique experience, it's not just a simple cancellation button, but a journey of exploration. You get to delve deep into the platform, discovering new features and instructions along the way. It's like a treasure hunt, and I love it! Another reviewer shared the same exciting experience. They're so committed to their product that they only respond when a credit card dispute is initiated. Their response is a clear, concise message outlining their no refund policy. It's a testament to their confidence in their product. It's a bold move that really sets them apart. I'm definitely impressed!

      April 16, 2024

    • Adam Garcia

      Unleashing Creativity with Bubble: The All-in-One Visual Programming Tool

      As a non-developer, I've discovered that I can create my own app without hiring a developer thanks to Bubble. It's a comprehensive tool that requires some training to fully exploit its potential, but it's absolutely worth it. Bubble is an all-in-one visual programming tool that lets me manage design, logic, and database management in one place. There are some limitations for larger apps, but Bubble is constantly evolving and its performance is consistently improving.

      April 16, 2024

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