CRM, marketing automation & customer service software suite

The HubSpot suite makes it easy to manage your customer throughout their life cycle: web site visit, form completion, phone call and emails exchange, quote signing, support and upsell.

General information

HubSpot is made up of three main building blocks: Marketing Automation, CRM and Customer Service.

Marketing Automation. Create and manage multi-channel digital marketing campaigns, drive traffic to your website and capture leads. Thanks to automation (workflows), communicate in a personalized way with each prospect and nurture them until they are ready to speak to a sales rep.

CRM. Create contacts and deals, manage and automate your daily tasks (email, meetings, tasks, notifications, workflows) to focus on the most important: selling and building relationships with your leads and customers. Easily convert opportunities and build yourself a profitable customer base.

Customer Service. Once the opportunity is won, ensure maximum customer satisfaction with NPS surveys, a ticketing system and centralized customer knowledge.

Finally, HubSpot also offers a CMS to build beautiful web sites that are directly integrated with your marketing and sales tools.

Secret's take

HubSpot ticks all the SaaS boxes that we love: easy-to-use and feature-filled for entrepreneurs and young startups, but also built to support strong growth and scale with the success stories. The new startup with 5 team members will find it as useful as the unicorn that just raised a billion dollars with more complex needs. From marketing automation to CRM, customer service features as well as a CMS you'll have everything you need to make a scalable sales and marketing machine.

Accessible to Unlimited & Premium members
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Eligibility requirements

  • Your startup is less than 2 years old
  • You are a new HubSpot customer with no existing account
  • Your team has less than 10 employees
  • HubSpot has the final say regarding the offer
  • HubSpot for Startups pricing is applicable to net-new Professional or Enterprise level products. Starter-level products are excluded unless bundled with qualifying Professional or Enterprise purchases or upgrades.
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Hubspot features

All the power of automation for your marketing and sales.

  • Reporting and analytics

    Dozens of out-of-the-box dashboards and reports together with the ability to customize everything. Take back control of your data.

  • Content management

    Simply build Landing Pages (drag-and-drop editor) and websites that convert.

  • Integrations and API

    Hundreds of apps natively integrate with HubSpot. You can also use the powerful HubSpot API for custom integrations.

  • Automation and worklows

    Automate every repetitive action and enhance productivity: social media posts, marketing and transactional emails, nurturing and sales processes.

Partner Agencies & Experts

It is with the greatest care that we have selected the best agencies and experts across the world to help you implement, use, and optimize Hubspot.

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90% off the 1st year (then 50% off the 2nd year and 25% off lifetime)