Organize teamwork and increase productivity

Knowledge base, project management, note taking and more. Notion helps your teams to centralize their work, collaborate easily, ensure the appropriate follow-up on projects and enhance overall productivity and efficiency.

General information

Notion makes it possible to centralize and efficiently manage all your projects. You can easily collaborate with your team and follow the real-time evolution of each team member's tasks and the overall progress of your projects.

Whether you need to take notes during a meeting, notify your colleagues about tasks, manage large projects or create an internal knowledge base, Notion facilitates collaboration within your company and allows you to become more successful as a team.

Secret's take

Here at Secret Notion is one of our core tools. We use it to manage our product roadmap, each person's to do list, to centralize our documents and to manage our leads. It helps us to collaborate easily and efficiently without forgetting anything. Definitely give it a try!

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Notion features

Centralize project management and collaboration with Notion.

  • Project management

    Create Kanban boards, assign tasks, set up notifications and follow the progress of your projects.

  • Note taking and documents

    Easily take notes and organize them. Never lose important documents again.

  • Templates

    Take advantage of hundreds of templates created by expert users to help you get started.

  • Knowledge base

    Centralize knowledge in order to save time and facilitate the onboarding of new hires.

Partner Agencies & Experts

It is with the greatest care that we have selected the best agencies and experts across the world to help you implement, use, and optimize Notion.

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$1,000 credits (lifetime validity)


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$1,000 credits on Team's plan (lifetime validity)